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Rope Roller Assembly 

New Rope Roller Assembly [right] shown in comparison with an original assembly [left].

Our new Rope Roller Brackets 
(shown with two hole mounting flanges)

Rope Roller Brackets 
(shown with replaceable bronze oil-lite bushings)

Item #CW-002 
Rope Roller Assembly

[See Parts List Below]


We've manufactured the Winch Rope Roller Brackets from a high strength bronze alloy, which is stronger than the original. The Roller Shaft is made from solid steel, round stock. Roller brackets have separate replaceable oil-lite bronze bushings pressed into each one of the brackets. A specially machined surface inside each roller bracket replaces the original thrust bearings.

Each part is machined to exact tolerances. As you can see in the bottom photo, (showing comparison to the original), the quality is excellent with each part made to look like the original, even down to the smallest detail such as the original casting number. 
-From feedback we received from several of our customers, we decided to drill only 2 holes in our new front mounting flanges. We understand that the 4 hole mounting flanges were only used on very early models. (If you need the extra bolt holes, simply drill in the desired location.)

Brackets are shipped complete with grade 8 mounting bolts, nuts and washers, (not shown). Grease fittings are included as well. Drilling a few mounting holes on your bumper is all that's needed.

These are easily mountable on any early Jeep, but were made specifically for the CJ2A and CJ3A Willys Jeep. (This was not an original item for WWII Jeeps.)


CW-002 Rope Roller Assembly Parts List
640812 (1) Bracket, rope roller, left assy.
640816 (1) Bracket, rope roller, right assy.
640815 (2) Bearing Sleeve winch rope roller
392909 (2) Fitting, lubricating 1/8" pipe thread
53141 (6) Bolt, brkt to bmpr 3/8" x 24 x 1 1/4"
50922 (6) Nut, brkt to bmpr 3/8" x 24
53032 (6) Washer, flat 3/8"
52046 (6) Washer, lock, 3/8"
640821 (1) Roller, capstan winch rope

Complete Rope Roller Assembly $350.00 OUT OF STOCK

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