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Capstan Winch Reproduction Parts

Now Available!


Link Belt Willys Jeep Capstan Winch Parts


Quality Reproduction Hardware
We specialize in quality reproduction mounting hardware for the Willys Jeep (CJ-2A & CJ-3A models) Link Belt Capstan Winch (See below for more information on Link Belt). Some, but not all parts are interchangeable with early military models such as MB, GPW, M38 & M38A1. See individual parts listing for clarification.

We have reproduced the winch mounting hardware using winch hardware from an original New Old Stock (NOS) Capstan Winch. Our parts are top quality reproductions. Our castings are made from a high alloy bronze, and are actually stronger than the originals. Our other reproduction parts are machined or stamped steel, just like the original. We include all mounting hardware.

Click here for information on the separate parts assemblies.


Above: Capstan Winch Mounting Plate

WWII Mounting Plate Now Available!







About the Link Belt Capstan Winch










The Link Belt capstan winch was designed late in WWII as an improved capstan winch for the MB. Field reports indicated that the Braden winch, (model J-2), in use at that time, was failing under heavy use. The Braden J-2 was not as reliable as the Link Belt, as the gear teeth had a tendency to strip. The improved Link Belt winch was manufactured to overcome the problems of the earlier Braden winch.*

The Link Belt winch can be identified by three cap screws in the top of the winch head (as seen in the diagram on the right).

Though designed for military application, the Link Belt capstan winch was never actually used on WWII Jeeps, but was the standard model used on the CJ-series civilian Jeeps.

Cap Screws in the top of the winch.

Above: Part of the Winch Drive Shaft Hub Assembly

Above: Rope Roller Brackets

Capstan WInch Head 

Top & Side of Capstan Winch

Above: On Left... Leaf Spring Bumper Spacer;

On Right... Drive Fan/ Governor Assembly Pulley

Willys Jeep Capstan Winch  Installed

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