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Winch Mounting Plate Assembly Set

Our Reproduction Mounting Plate


Original Mounting Plate

(shown for comparison)

Item #CW-008
Winch Mounting Plate Assembly Set

This assembly fits Willys Jeep CJ2A & CJ3A models only,

(Not correct for WWII models.)
Assembly includes all necessary hardware plus mounting plate 

[See Parts List Below]


The Winch Mounting Plate Assembly was laser cut from quality steel. The necessary multiple bends in the steel were done with a metal brake.

The original plate was die-stamped, but because we wanted to avoid costly dies, our new plate required some minimal welding in order to match the same configuration as the original. The welding was done in the rear edges of the mounting flanges, and in the rear, curved area around the back of the winch. Welds have been ground and are ready for paint. Once the assembly is painted the welds cannot be seen.

All the necessary holes in the plate have been laser cut for a great fit. Grade 8 frame mounting bolts, nuts, washers as well as the Capstan Winch flathead mounting screws, nuts and washers, (all not shown), are included in the set.


CW-008 Winch Mounting Plate Assembly Set
Parts List
640808 (1) Plate mounting Assembly
(6) Bolt, Plate mounting 3/8" x 24" x 1" 1/4"
(6) Nut, Plate, mounting 3/8" x 24"
(6) Washer, lock, plate mounting 3/8"
51986 (8) Screw fl .hd. 1/4"-20" x 7/8"
52217 (8) Nut, hex 1/4" x 20"
53058 (8) Washer, Lock, 1/4"


Winch Mounting Plate Assembly Set $395

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