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Winch Drive Shaft Assembly

Original Winch Drive Shaft Assembly

[Shown for comparison]

Item #CW-010
Winch Drive Shaft Assembly

(WWII Braden J-2 models use a smaller diameter input shaft. If you intend to use this for any WWII Jeep, you will need to machine a small sleeve to change the diameter of the universal joint yoke.)
[See Parts List Below]


The winch drive shaft assembly is made up using similar, current production,

universal joint assemblies. These look very close to the civilian style universal joints. The original winch drive shaft was made from tubing. We've built our new shaft from solid steel stock. Set screws, key and pins are included. 



CW-0010 Winch Drive Shaft Assembly Parts List
640820 (1) Shaft, drive, Capstan
640819 (1) Joint, Universal Assy, Rear
A-9158 (1) Joint, Universal Assy, Front
A-9201 (1) Pin, straight, Front U-joint
5134 (1) Pin, cotter, 1/8" x 1 3/4"
53355 (2) Screw, set 5/16" x 24 x 1/4" cup pt.
53356 (2) Key, Woodruff #7
Complete Winch Drive Shaft Assembly $249

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