Item #CW-011
Capstan Winch Mounting Kit Complete (less winch)

Complete kit is intended for civilian models only. Some parts interchange with WWII Jeep models. See individual parts listings for details.
[See Parts List Below]



This kit is for the owner that already has the Capstan Winch and needs only the mounting kit.

CW-011 Capstan Winch Mounting Kit Complete parts List (less winch)
CW-002 (1) Rope Roller Assembly
CW-003 (1) Front Axle Bumper Spacer Set
CW-004 (1) Front Engine Pulley
CW-005 (1) Shifter Rod & Handle Assembly
CW-006 (1) Winch Drive Bracket Support Assembly
CW-007 (1) Winch Drive Bracket Support Assembly Spacers
CW-008 (1) Winch Mounting Plate Assembly
CW-009 (1) Winch Caution, Lubrication Tag Assembly
CW-0010 (1) Winch Drive Shaft Assembly

Complete Capstan Winch Kit (less Winch) $1,600.00