Shifter Rod & Handle Assembly 

Shifter Rod & Handle Assembly [bottom] 
shown in comparison to original shifter rod [top]

Item #CW-005
Shifter Rod & Handle Assembly

[See Parts List Below]


For civilian installations only-Perfectly formed like the original, with the correct bends, this steel rod is threaded on one end to accept this reproduction black plastic knob with threaded brass insert. Just like the original, the rod is drilled on the opposite end for the cotter pin retainer. Cotter pin is included (not shown).


CW-005 Shifter Rod & Handle Assembly Parts List
645862 (1) Rod, shift, capstan winch
50968 (1) Pin, cotter 3/32" x 3/4"
A-971 (1) Handle, shift, capstan winch

Complete Shifter Rod & Handle Assembly $40.00