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Winch Drive Bracket Support Assembly  

Winch Drive Bracket Support Assembly [left]
shown in comparison to original [right]

Item #CW-006
Winch Drive Bracket Support Assembly 

FITS CJ2A, CJ3A Willys Jeeps, as well as WWII Willys MB & Ford GPW Jeeps.
[See Parts List Below]
$525 IN STOCK!


This assembly attaches direct to the front of the engine and supports the winch drive shaft assembly. By moving the shift rod, which in turn moves the shift fork, the hub can be engaged or disengaged with the front engine drive pulley. This in turn engages the drive shaft which then turns the winch.

The winch drive Bracket Support Assembly is assembled from several different parts. The main bracket is made from a high strength bronze alloy, which is stronger than the original, (see casting specs). A (2) piece bushing is installed into the bracket, supporting the spline shaft. A small poppet ball and spring are installed under the grease fitting and lock the fork into either the engaged or disengaged position. All parts have been machined for exact fit from quality materials and look like the originals. The unit comes partially assembled as shown.

CW-006 Winch Drive Bracket Support Assembly Part List
A-9210 (1) Bracket, support winch drive
A-9208 (1) Bushing (2 piece), winch shaft
640822 (1) Hub, winch drive shaft
A-9194 (1) Shaft, spline, capstan winch
A-9207 (1) Fork, shift, assy capstan winch
635838 (1) Ball, poppet
A-9203 (1) Spring, poppet
638500 (1) Fitting, lubricating, 90 degree
50802 (1) Nut, hex 5/16"x24 shift fork
53029 (1) Washer, lock, 5/16" shift fork

Complete Winch Drive Bracket Support Assembly $525.00 IN STOCK!

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